40 things you NEVER knew about detox

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Bridgit Danner has put some amazing work into The DIY Detox Summit, which starts this Monday –> Join me when you register now!

Tens of thousands will learn from the expert wisdom so important to avoiding toxins and detoxifying them from your body.

You should be there. Here’s why: no matter how hard you try, you’re still bound to accumulate toxins in your body.

The topic of detox may sound overwhelming and complex but, actually, most of it’s under your control and can be done at home. Learn the at-home tips, recipes and strategies to help your body remove toxins caused by toxic mold, synthetic chemicals, infections and heavy metals.

Don’t miss these detox experts on Monday:
+ 3 Golden Nuggets of Detox, Dr. Jay Davidson
+ DIY Brain Health for Life, Dr. Peter Kan
+ Finding the Root of Chronic Illness, Dr. Christine Schaffner
+ Creating Your Detox Lifestyle, Jason Prall
+ Detox Essentials, Dr. Michael Murray
+ Uncovering Toxic Sources, Evan Brand

When you register now, you’ll also unlock these complimentary gifts:
+ 5-Day DIY Detox eGuide
+ Recipes for Liver Detox eGuide
+ Detox Evening eGuide
+ Health Recovery From Toxic Mold eGuide
+ 3 Interview Transcripts from The DIY Detox Summit

—>>Register immediately to make sure you’re ready to learn from these expert talks!

See you at this important learning event!

P.S. Be sure not to miss these expert talks, complimentary gifts and, if you’d like to keep these talks in your health library, take advantage of the pre-event prices before Monday!

DIY Detox SummitDIY Detox Summit

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