New Protocols for Your Practice

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The global crisis has compelled me to rethink how to support the practitioners in my community to create the highest impact for their patients. 

So I reached out to Dr. Christine Schaffner, a recognized leader and educator who is about to launch her inaugural practitioner level education program, to explore clinical innovations that go beyond what you’ve experienced as a healthcare professional.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Schaffner’s “Practitioner Mentored Program: An Advanced Journey of Clinical Innovations & Treatments (and meet the leaders who are changing the way chronic illness and healthcare is handled).

This is an advanced journey of clinical innovations and treatments that will still bring you the most powerful leaders, protocols, and education. Most of them are ahead of their time.

Participants will receive advanced resources, in-depth experiences, and opportunities to connect with the highest level of peer instructors.

Discover the newest foundations for health, as well as supporting and educating your patient on environmental detoxification and how to identify and address interference fields, plus the impact of epigenetics and trauma on health and healing.

This is an IMPORTANT (and affordable) opportunity to participate in an advanced journey of clinical innovations and treatments.

Here are just some of the trainings that will be offered in this program:

Setting Up For Success: Foundations for Healing

  • Creating your key history questions 
  • Labs and how to read them
  • Mapping out your plan (understanding the order of healing)
  • Review of primary therapeutic tools and the timing on when to use them

Treating the Ecosystem 

  • Step-by-step review of Dr. Christine’s powerful three-part protocol
  • Supporting and educating your patients on environmental detox
  • How to identify and address your patient’s interference fields
  • Key tests and how to read them

The Impact of Epigenetics and Trauma on Health and Healing

  • Key tests and how to read them
  • Steps to dissipate the fight or flight response
  • Review of supportive therapeutic tools 

It includes Three LIVE Q&As.

And several bonus, advanced practitioner lectures from other global leaders.

…and so much more, to be announced soon.

Join us to go beyond traditional and functional medicine and discover the newest treatments and clinical innovations. 

Click here to discover how this program can change your practice, elevate your impact, and support your patients health at the highest level.

PS: If you’ve ever taken a course with Dr. Schaffner, this is the rare air. She over-delivers and has worked hard to offer this at a premium discount for the practitioners in my community.

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