Protocols to address the toxicity crisis in the air we breathe

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Here’s the harsh reality, we’re not just having a global health crisis, we’re having a crisis with the very air we breathe. And it is a crisis that demands action. Did you know that every INHALE you make, all day, every day impacts every cell in your body?  

And, with every EXHALE, you detox everything from carbon dioxide, fumes, molds, allergens, and airborne toxins to harmful bacteria.

Click here to learn about my friend Dr. Christine Schaffner’s upcoming LIVE LUNG CLEANSE.  (This is a must for anyone with a mold reaction, asthma, near fires, in areas with air pollution – which is actually everywhere, or had any virus or illness that has affected their lungs OR who has experienced “trapped” emotions, sadness, or grief.) 

Your lungs are one of SIX detoxification organs in your body (together with your liver, kidneys, lymph, colon, and skin), and like an air filter in your home, they must have the filter changed to support your health.

Toxicity isn’t just about food or GMOS or our water or EMFs, it’s also the very AIR we breathe: Air pollution, off gassing, wildfires (and more) have health experts on high alert.

During Dr. Schaffner’s LIVE, mentored 21-day program, you will explore …

  • The Sinuses, Your Respiratory Gateway
  • Evaluating Your Environment
  • Supporting Organs of Elimination 
  • Your Lungs, What Hurts & What Heals
  • Trapped Grief and Emotions Hidden in Your Lungs
  • Daily live guided breathwork sessions. If you’ve never done breathwork before (or even if you have), this will be a power piece of this 21-Day Detox.
  • PLUS… Attend a powerful, life-changing, virtual breath retreat.  

Here’s some exciting feedback for Dr. Schaffner’s other LIVE, mentored detox programs: 

“Thank you so much for your patience as you all have fielded questions beyond belief and more than I have seen in any other program. I made a notebook with all your handouts and resources – something to repeatedly use. The handouts, organization, the clarity, and all the resources frankly are top notch.” ~ Mauritza

“The depth of the content was truly amazing! No stone was left unturned, even the beautifully designed instruction sheets. You guys nailed it!” ~ Rick

Remember, detoxification is a key player in your immunity

And your lungs are one of your MAJOR organs of detoxification.  

During Dr. Schaffner’s 21-Day LIVE Cleanse, you will learn:The dos and don’ts of lung detoxification

  • How to evaluate your home and work environment
  • Common toxins you may be breathing in, right now
  • What air purifiers actually work (and which ones to avoid)
  • Most effective herbal treatments
  • Overview of your detox pathways (and how to optimize them)
  • How to properly use castor packs
  • How the lungs can trap emotions
  • Facts vs. myths regarding mold

Do not miss this powerful, unique experience to cleanse your lungs and support your health and immu

PS: This program is offered at a significant savings, which will not be seen again. I hope you take a moment to explore this opportunity.

About Christine Schaffner, ND


Dr. Christine Schaffner is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor and recognized thought leader. With her diverse skill set, Dr. Schaffner seeks to improve access, outcomes, and speed of recovery for patients struggling with chronic illness, from all around the world, and combines both naturopathic and conventional therapies to develop individualized treatment plans that focus on addressing the underlying cause of complex chronic illness.  Dr. Schaffner is passionate about educating patients, as well as other practitioners, bringing the most advanced medical protocols to all, as well as creating spaces for healing and rejuvenation. Her style of practice is strongly rooted in traditional naturopathic principles, including removing toxins and establishing a strong health foundation in order to achieve optimal health. 

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