Your front-row seat to Monday’s Toxic Mold Summit

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Dr. Margaret Christensen has put some amazing work into The Toxic Mold Summit, starting THIS Monday –> Join me when you register now!

Tens of thousands of people will learn from the expert wisdom so important to identifying, treating and recovering from mold exposure!

Will you be there? You should be. Because mold and mycotoxins are at the root of many chronic illnesses and immune dysfunctions, it’s essential to know how to identify and address mold in your home. Just as essential is choosing key healing strategies — detox, diet, CBD, brain support (and more!) — when facing the health impacts of toxic mold.

TOO MANY people suffer with mystery illnesses FOR YEARS only to be told, “just take these meds.” Learn how to protect yourself, your family and your home!

These are the experts you definitely DO NOT want to miss on Monday!
+ The Highly Sensitive/Chronically Ill Patient Pt. 1, Dr. Neil Nathan
+ Mast Cells and TGFB-Immune Dysfunction, Gail Clayton
+ Is Your Brain Stuck In a Fight, Flight or Freeze Response?, Annie Hopper
+ Complex Biotoxin illness, Biologic Medicine and Detoxification, Dr. Christine Schaffner
+ First Fix Food! Role of IV Vitamin C and Ozone, Dr. Mark Hyman
+ Healing Cell Membranes: Key to Mold Recovery, Dr. Kelly K McCann

When you register now, you’ll also unlock these complimentary gifts:
+ Moldy? Now What? eBook from Dr. Margaret Christensen
+ Mold: Pillars of Immune Dysregulation eTranscript from Dr. Margaret Christensen
+ 3 Interview Transcripts from The Toxic Mold Summit

—>>Register immediately to make sure you’ll be able to learn from these expert talks!

See you at this important learning event!

P.S. Be sure not to miss these expert talks, complimentary gifts and — if you’d like to keep these talks in your health library — take advantage of the pre-event prices before Monday!

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