Learn about Lyme disease from expert talks & eBooks

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There are some MUST SEE expert talks about Lyme disease this week you should definitely look into: Dr. Tiffany Caplan, Greg Lee, Dr. Navaz Habib, Dr. David Jockers and Misty Williams (topics below)!

AND, when you browse these talks, you also UNLOCK exclusive eBooks, like Dr. Jay Davidson’s Essential Guide to Calming Lyme-Induced Inflammation, 21 Herbs to Beat Chronic Lyme Disease and Don’t Get Deceived by Lyme Disease, plus 3 interview transcripts from The Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 4.

—>>Listen to these complimentary expert talks and unlock these exclusive eBooks!

THE REASON: These complimentary talks (and eBooks) will help you understand testing methods and treatment protocols for Lyme, steps to take before addressing it, links between Lyme and autoimmunity, the importance of addressing the root cause of chronic conditions, staying empowered in the doctor/patient relationship and strategies for living with and overcoming chronic illness (and more!).

Lyme disease can be a devastating (and sometimes hidden) condition, but it doesn’t have to be!

Expert talks not to miss (starting each day at 10am U.S. Eastern):

—>>Thursday, July 30
Greg Lee, MAc, BS
Emerging Treatments for Neuro-Lyme

—>>Friday, July 31
Navaz Habib, DC, AFMCP
Upgrading Your Immune System

—>>Saturday, August 1
David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS
Intermittent Fasting with Lyme Disease and Autoimmunity

—>>Sunday, August 2
Misty Williams
Rebuild Your Life After Chronic Illness Has Destroyed It

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with or suspect you’ve been misdiagnosed, it’s time to gain a deeper understanding of Lyme disease! If not properly treated, over time chronic Lyme can manifest in autoimmunity or a number of other degenerative, debilitating health issues.

These experts will teach you natural, holistic healing strategies and novel approaches for living with and overcoming Lyme disease and chronic illness!

—>>Listen to these expert talks and unlock these eBooks now!

Such incredible information, be sure to visit today and plan the rest of your week accordingly!

P.S. This COMPLIMENTARY access goes away when the event ends (that’s soon), so take advantage today, especially the featured talks above!



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