Your front-row seat at Monday’s 5G Summit

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Josh del Sol and Sayer Ji have put some amazing work into The 5G Summit, beginning THIS Monday –> Join me when you register now!

Tens of thousands will learn from the expert wisdom so important to understanding and overcoming the dangers and risks of 5G.

Will you be there? You should be. Because as consumers, we’re being told that 5G means faster downloads and greater connectivity, but as healthy humans and parents, we’re NOT being told about the serious risks to health, our fundamental rights and basic freedoms.

This is a critical stage RIGHT NOW, because as 5G continues to roll out without our consent, it will become more and more difficult to have it removed.

—>>Learn how to implement better solutions in your home and community!

These are the experts you definitely DO NOT want to miss on Monday!
+ Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Dangers of 5G to Children’s Health
+ Dr. Martin Pall, How Wireless Causes Harm (Part 1)
+ Dr. Magda Havas, Extensive Biological Effects of EMFs and 5G
+ Dr. Devra Lee Davis, Science on 5G and Wireless Radiation
+ Jason Bawden-Smith, Critical Disruption of Mitochondria by EMFs
+ Dr. Paul Heroux, Harmful Effects of 5G and Wireless

When you register now, you’ll also unlock these complimentary gifts:
+ 5G Risk: The Scientific Perspective eBook
+ 7 Essential Ways to Make Your Home Safe from 5G and EMF Radiation eBook
+ Nature’s Pharmacy Evidence-Based Alternatives to Drugs eBook
+ 5 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation eGuide
+ 3 Interview Transcripts from The 5G Crisis Summit
+ Instant access to The Coronavirus Support Series

—>>Register immediately to make sure you’re ready to learn from these expert talks!

See you at this important learning event!

P.S. Be sure not to miss these expert talks, complimentary gifts and — if you’d like to keep these talks in your health library — take advantage of the pre-event prices before Monday!


5G Crisis Summit


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