Tips and tricks for surviving a health quarantine

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Wendy Myers and Dr. Eric Zielinski have established the Coronavirus Support Series to provide expert advice and information about the sudden lifestyle shifts that must occur in our daily practices, routines and habits while dealing with this new, extended (and potentially recurring) threat to normalcy.

Perhaps just as importantly, they’ve created it with no need to register with an email address or purchase to access — it is 100% available to everyone online.

—>> Join to check out this vital, new “living” resource that will help us manage our lives during this challenging time!

The series is a collaboration among professionals across many disciplines who will be interviewing those in health, business, wellness, finance, parenting, home-schooling, psychology and many other important facets of life.

It will help you adapt your home into the multi-functional safe haven it must now become — teaching and translating routines into sustainable, intentional, patient, respectful, at-home practices and protocols for families worldwide — to help minimize the social, psychological and health-damaging effects of COVID-19.

Creating, managing and producing the series are three icons in the natural health industry: Wendy Myers, FDN-P, NC, CHHC, Eric Zielinski, DC, and the founding team at Health Talks Online / HealthMeans.

“We are not here to tell the world about cures or conspiracies, but help them adapt to a life that is far more constrained today than it was yesterday,” said health expert Wendy Myers.

This interview series will evolve and grow in accordance with the needs of the worldwide community and will exist for as long as the need is present: weeks, months and even routinely for years to come, if necessary.

—>>Take a moment today to watch the intro video from Wendy and Dr. Z, then check out a few of the titles!

Some of the interviews already recorded (with so many more to come!) include:

  • Tips to Circuit Break Stress & Guided Meditation, Heidi Hanna, PhD
  • ER Nurse Reports From the COVID-19 Frontlines, Chan Shipman, RN, BSN
  • Positivity During Social Distancing, Susan Leahy, MA, CSP
  • Pet Owner Survival Guide, Janet Roark, DVM
  • Transforming to a New, Better You, Shanna Lee
  • Solving Loneliness by Cultivating Digital Community, James Maskell
  • Food Prepping Ideas + Where to Get Food Online, Wendy Myers, FDN-P
  • Parents’ Guide to Thriving in Home Environment, Ryan Wohlfert, DC, CCSP
  • And there are SO MANY more!

In Dr. Z’s words, “We’re here to answer the most pressing questions people have about adapting to life in social isolation or quarantine — in part because many of us have been working from home for quite some time, so we can start with what we’ve learned from living ‘naturally’ at home, and evolve together as a community as lifestyle restrictions ebb and flow.”

This site launched with more than 20 interviews (and more are being added each week), so I feel strongly that there is something there that will help you during this crisis…

And as I said above, it requires no email address or money to learn from the wisdom of these incredible professionals.

—>>Join at this online support series today, for help on how to survive this challenge!

P.S. I’d like to thank Wendy and Dr. Z for this tremendous effort. I know they have been working around the clock for weeks to create these vital talks, so please take advantage of this opportunity to learn — and even share this email with your friends and loved ones.



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