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We’ve unlocked some of our most influential interviews — gain insights from these 7 health experts in this full-length transcripts eBook!

—>>Click here to download your free transcripts from HealthMeans about improving your health!

There is most definitely something you can learn from these 7 interview transcripts — in fact, there are probably A LOT of things to be learned from these icons in natural health and wellness!

In this 66-page document from HealthMeans, you’ll learn:
+ Advanced Strategies to Bust Through Sugar Cravings with Dr. David Jockers
+ How to Become Your Own Health CEO with Kris Carr
+ Finally Get a Perfect Night’s Sleep! with Dr. Jess Armine
+ Healing Your Adrenals with Dr. Alan Christianson
+ Important Supplements Missing from Your Health Regime with Dr. Eric Zielinski
+ The 4 Rs of Gut Healing with Reed Davis
+ Transcending the Detox/Retox Cycle through Radical Nourishment with Sayer Ji

Here are some quotes you’ll find in these transcripts from Drs. Jockers, Armine and Zielinski:

Dr. David Jockers
“Adrenal fatigue to some degree is actually part of life, it’s healthy — It’s when you start to get into deeper periods & your not practicing rituals that allow your body to recover and restore that get — that’s when we can get in trouble.”

Dr. Jess Armine
“When you train your brain to have significant amounts of light — it’s going to keep you awake and then you’re going to crash. I like to call it an excitotoxic society, where everything is exciting — and that affects our natural circadian rhythms.”

Dr. Eric Zielinski
“Supplements are a billion-dollar industry and a lot of folks spend money on supplements unfortunately to no avail — there is no one size fits all approach.”

As you can see, these transcripts are full of worthwhile perspectives and tricks of the trade, so I hope you’ll take a moment to download them today.

—>>Click here to download your free transcripts from HealthMeans!

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You can truly get started on better health today!

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