Toxic Mindsets & Energy Sucking Buggers !!

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While reading an article by an author on one of the blogging sites about why should we celebrate Men’s day, at all?, I was filled with immense negative thoughts and feelings that lingered in my mind for more than a few days. I was tempted to react by writing a nasty comment on the blog (remember NEWTON, and his ideas on equal & opposite reaction🙃) but just than the GANDHI in me took over!! What difference would be there between the both of us if I also respond negatively. And I left it to my mind to analysis and understand what makes a person TOXIC?

Hence, my QUEST !!!

What makes us TOXIC ? The first principle that we were taught during the Guidance & Counseling programme at NCERT, (RIE Ajmer) was that basically we are all good. If that’s true, (which I have been trained to believe…

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