My Heavy Duty Workouts – Part 2

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I train every third day with my own modified 20-40 minute Heavy Duty (or High Intensity) training.

My weight training is divided into three workouts:

1. Chest, shoulders and triceps
2. Back, biceps and forearms
3. Thighs, calves and abs

I keep my muscles under the continuous tension and use the tempo: lowering 4-6 (or 15-30) and lifting 1-3 (or 15-30) seconds. The rests between exercises are so that my pulse and breathing go clearly down.


WORKOUT 2 (Thursday 21. November)


WARM-UP (about 5 minutes)

WEIGHTS (about 30 minutes)

I do each of the exercises below with:

  • first set: warm-up with 10 reps with a weight, which allow me normally to do at most 15 reps
  • second set: 15-30 sec negative (lowering) + 15-30 sec positive (lifting) + 15-30 sec negative (lowering) with the same weight as the first set
  • third set: maximal 10-15 reps + rest-pause/3-5 reps + rest-pause/2-3 reps with the same weight as in sets 1-2 (rest-pause is about 15 seconds)




COOL-DOWN (about 5 minutes)



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