My Heavy Duty Workouts – Part 1

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My whole adult years have been full of trial and error. I tried three times to build a happy marriage, but ended always in a divorce. Maybe it was me that difficult party – I do not exactly know.

In the last 40 years I have tried to get financial freedom. No way – I  am living in a small rented flat with my tiny pension. That’s why I have here a store and a donation widget. Please, use them.

I have used a lot of time since the 1960s to build a healthy and strong body. I lost everything in 1999 because of Myeloma Multiplex (bone marrow cancer). Now I do not want to make many time-consuming efforts anymore. I’ll train every third day with my own modified 20-40 minute Heavy Duty training.

My weight training is divided into three workouts:

1. Chest, shoulders and triceps
2. Back, biceps and forearms
3. Thighs, calves and abs

I keep my muscles under the continuous tension and use the tempo: lowering 4-6 (or 15-30) and lifting 1-3 (or 15-30) seconds. The rests between exercises are so that my pulse and breathing go clearly down.


WORKOUT 1 (Monday 18. November)


WARM-UP (about 5 minutes)


WEIGHTS (about 35 minutes)


Warm-up. Dumbbell Flys (10 reps) + Dumbbell Bench Press (10 + drop set/10 reps)

Max. Dumbbell Flys (10-15 reps) + Dumbbell Bench Press (5-10 + drop set/5-10 reps)



Warm-up. Dumbbell Lateral Raise (10 reps)

Max. Partial Side Laterals (15-20 reps + drop set/15-20 reps) + Dumbbell Lateral Raise (10-15  + drop set/10-15 reps)


Warm-up. Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise (10 reps)

Max. Rear Delt Partial Swings /15-20 reps + drop set/15-20 reps) + Rear Lateral Raise (10-15 + drop set/10-15 reps)


Warm-up. EZ Bar French Press (10 reps)

Max. EZ Bar French Press (10 reps + rest-pause/3-5 reps + rest-pause/2-3 reps)


COOL-DOWN (about 5 minutes)


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