Don’t miss Encore Weekend at The Diabetes Essentials Masterclass

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The Diabetes Essentials Masterclass encore weekend is underway — all modules are unlocked NOW through Monday at 10am U.S. eastern (New York time)!

At this amazing health event, we learned an organized, step-by-step approach to address the core factors involved in management and normalization. 50+ global health experts taught us how to support metabolic health and improve blood sugar levels, reach peace of mind and enhance life.

—> Click here to listen to the encore of The Diabetes Essentials Masterclass for FREE now!

Find a few minutes to learn from the “FAN FAVORITE” talks:

+ Module 1: Understanding diabetes from a new perspective
+ Module 2: Cutting through nutritional hype and confusion
+ Module 3: How to plan, prepare, shop and cook for success
+ And 7 more iconic classes to help you control your blood sugar!

Here’s how BEST to take advantage of this expert health information:

—>> Start learning immediately when you join me for Encore Weekend!

I hope you take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to learn… for free!

P.S. I encourage you to find time in your schedule to catch 2-3 of the modules — you’ll see how incredible this event truly is!


Diabetes Essentials Masterclass


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