Don’t be scared of the sugar you find in fruit

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Exercise and Health

Many people who start eating a healthy diet to lose weight begin by cutting out simple carbohydrates and sugars. In general, this is a good thing – especially if the foods that are eliminated are heavily processed foods like pastries and breads.

Like almost everything in life, there is a risk of taking it too far. It’s not the presence of sugar that makes a diet unhealthy, but rather the amount of it in proportion to the other nutrients that you consume on a daily basis. If you took all of the sugar out your body, you would die. Cells and many important body functions depend on sugar to work properly. Sugar, for example, is the brain’s primary energy source.

Fruits contain a lot of sugar. Unfortunately, fruits and vegetables have been bred to be as sweet as possible to maximise sales. This has also negatively affected their nutritional content.

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