Health Concerns of Senior Citizens

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Sometimes it seems that the older we get, the more our lives revolve around our next doctor’s appointment. We also seem to start having more and more appointments with doctors other than our regular GP. We see specialists, and lots of them. Many older people must see dermatologists, cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons, allergy specialists, rheumatologists, (heaven help us) oncologists, and others.

Most of the time, regular family doctors can and do handle many of the problems of those who are reaching their “golden” years. But often, even long-time family doctors must refer their patients to specialists. Sadly, most often older people get their first referral to a specialist after they wake up in a hospital emergency room after a serious health incident like a heart attack or a stroke. Many of these emergency health problems could be avoided with just some special attention to health issues of those who are getting older.

First of all, anybody over the age of 40 (and that certainly isn’t old) should have their blood pressure checked regularly. Between the ages of 40 and 50, checking blood pressure once every month or so should be sufficient unless a problem is noted. However, after the age of 50, both men and women should have their blood pressure check a minimum of once a month and more often wouldn’t hurt a thing.

People over the age of 65 should schedule regular monthly doctor visits whether they are sick or not. Many times, just a regular physical examination can alert the doctor to a potential problem and help the patient avoid an emergency situation.

All of us can eat a healthy, low fat diet and engage in regular low-impact exercise. Just staying trim and fit can eliminate many emergency health situations for older people.



Read more information about healthy aging and supplements for it here.

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