So Called Ideal Weight

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At first, let us take a body composition comparison, concerning to weight loss. Two adult men weight 250 lbs (114 kg) each. One is a professional bodybuilder with a 5 % and other an obese man with 50 % body fat. This bodybuilder can lose only weight as his muscle mass, which is very easy: when he stops training, muscles shrink. The obese man has to aim only fat loss and at the same time, try to maintain, or even increase, his muscle mass.

Because we humans have different body types, our so called ideal weight has a wide scale. I use to give for an ideal weight a general rule:

  • height in centimeters minus 100-110 (men) and 100-115 (women).

For example, if you are a normal man with 180 cm height, I suggest, that you weight 70-80 kg and if you are a normal woman with 170 height, 55-70 kg.




You can calculate Body Mass Index (BMI) here. Remember to read limitations of thr BMI.



A man with 180 cm (5 feet 11 inches) height has normal weight according to this calculation, if his weight is between 60-80 kg (132-176 lbs). It gives for a woman with 170 cm (5 feet 7 inches) numbers between 53-72 kg (117-159 lbs).



Waist Measurement and Body Fat Percentage

As I wrote earlier, try to lose fat, not muscle. A great and cheap tool for fat calculating is a tape measure. If your waist is over 50 % of your height (more than 90 cm / 180 cm or 85 cm / 170 cm), you have too much fat on your body. Get rid of it.

An optimal fat percentage for men is 10-15 and for women 15-25. Read more information here.


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