The Three Most Important Life Elements – Part 3. Food

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Your body needs for optimal functions fresh air, fresh water and nutrients rich food. If you are concentrating only on macronutrient percentages, in other words, how much you eat proteins, carbohydrates and fats, but are missing vitamins and minerals, you make a bad mistake.

If you do not get enough micronutrients from your food or your cells have too much toxicity, you will end up to a cellular malfunction and expose yourself to diseases.

I have lifted weights and done other resistance training over 50 years. During many decades, I tried to copy diets from bodybuilding magazines. Those diets mainly consisted of animal sources, such as red meat, chicken, fish, eggs and dairy. Usually there were lots of supplements, too.

My diets were not so good for health. Now, as a 69 year old man, I figure out, that a vegan diet or plant based whole food diet is the key to the health and vitality.

Maybe you think, that a vegan diet is not for a man or woman, who lifts weights. Remember, that many of the biggest and strongest animals (for example bull, bison, elephant) eat vegan food.




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