Are You Fairly New to Cooking Plant-based Meals?

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Or maybe you never quite figured out how to get going successfully?

Everyone loves recipes, but that’s not always the answer, is it? The answer is to actually learn how to cook, and that’s what my friend, Sassy, has created over at Vegan Coach. The course is 6 weeks long and will reform your kitchen and your entire approach to cooking with whole vegan foods and ingredients. And now she has offered my subscribers a very special one-time offer to join the class at 50% off.

What sets this class apart is the personal attention Sassy and her group of moderators give each student in several topic-specialized forums found throughout the course, along with videos to help you go beyond the recipes and become a competent vegan home chef. Plus – I will be there, too! This is truly a group venture and we’ll take this trip together!

Vegan FUNdamentals

…is a beginner’s cooking class that teaches you everything you need to know to get started cooking easy plant-based meals.

Because you can’t even begin to make a meal if you don’t know which individual foods and ingredients to buy — how to shop for them, prep them, cook them and flavor them.

Only then can you actually pull them together into tasty meals that are not only quick and easy but filled with the nutrition that you need.

This cooking course is devoted to laying the very foundation you need in order to pull off easy breezy vegan cooking day in and day out.

Are you ready to dig in?

Here’s a quick recap of the class and just some of the incredible things you’ll discover on this FUNdamental adventure made just for Beginners (or those who never quite figured out how to get going smoothly and effectively):

Friendly and leave-no-stone-unturned 6-week class with 66 Modules and over 20 instructional videos that will guide you and encourage you to play in your own kitchen so you can become super comfortable on your plant-based journey;

  • Organizing a natural vegan kitchen including pantry, fridge and freezer management PLUS the essential tools every plant-based kitchen needs;
  • Selecting, prepping and cooking your produce including leafy greens, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus, green beans and so much more!
  • Stocking your kitchen from the bulk section including WHY to buy in bulk, WHAT to buy and what to do with it all when you get it home;
  • Selecting, prepping and cooking plant-based ingredients in advance of the creation of dishes and meals;
  • Helpful downloads on topics such as cooking times and seasoning tips;
  • Using the easiest and most effective techniques for cooking and how to pull it off including pressure cooking, pan-simmering, steaming and more;
  • Pulling together quick and easy vegan meals;
  • Bonus Lesson #1: Creating salads that are not only vegan and not only super healthy but taste a-maz-ing too;
  • Bonus Lesson #2: Complete guide to creating and maintaining a large store of dried foods to rotate through your everyday cooking AND to have on hand in case of emergency!
  • …and so much more!

This is an incredibly comprehensive class and one that we know you’re going to LOVE.

This course is perfect for all of you VEGAN NEWBIES -or- those who simply need a little help getting organized and on track with your plant-based diet.

On Vegan Coach,
Vegan FUNdamentals sells for $297

But with our special partnership we can cut that cost in half! This is a very special Limited-Time Subscriber Special, so please don’t hesitate to join today.

Starting today, you’ll get 50% off Vegan FUNdamentals!

So you’ll pay just $148.50 for the entire 6-week class!

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Be sure to use my discount code to get the 50% off! That code is: YOUR CODE

Click the link below to begin your Vegan FUNdamentals journey.

Vegan FUNdamentals


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