Gymboss Timer Rewiev – Your Interval Buddy

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Additional Info

The Gymboss has a clear digital display, and numerous functions: repeating interval timer settings (from two seconds to 99 minutes) and vibrating alarm mode.

Gymboss has a belt clip, which makes timer fully portable. Shock- and water-resistant exterior keeps it running any conditions.

Where To Use Gymboss?

Gymboss works as an interval timer, countdown clock, and stopwatch. You can use it for a wide variety of workouts, such as cardio and endurance exercises, weight training, CrossFit and Tabata programs.

I have used my own Gymboss timer (in the picture with a matchbox) for many years now. Below are two examples.

Elliptical Trainer Intervals and Gymboss

  • Gymboss settings 0:30 / 1:00 / 8
  • light warm-up 3 minutes
  • 30 seconds high speed
  • One minute total rest (no movement)
  • 8 intervals (30 seconds + one minute)
  • light cool-down 3 minutes

Tabata Workout and Gymboss

  • Gymboss settings 0:20 / 0:10 / 8
  • light warm-up with Elliptical Trainer 3 minutes
  • compound exercise (bench press, squat or deadlift) reps during 20 seconds
  • rest 10 seconds
  • 8 intervals (20 seconds + 10 seconds)
  • light cool-down 3 minutes


Maximize your training and increase anaerobic endurance, muscle strength/size, cardio endurance, VO2max, and Fat loss with help from Gymboss Timer. It is interval buddy, which assists you train hard and smart.

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