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Today many of us are very busy or have other reasons for keeping out from a gym training. With a proper food, attitude, sleep and exercise it is possible to get excellent results at home, too. There are many home workout advantages.

My Training History

In the 1950s there weren’t any computers, PlayStation or mobile phones. Kids were playing outdoors games, in which has to run, jump and climb. I was a very physically active kid. In the summer I was every day biking or exercising track and field and in the winter time skiing or skating. I was not competing in any sport.

In the end of the 1960s I started my muscle training. At first, it was body weight training and after about two years my weight training begun. The first couple of years I did it at home and then moved to a gym.

I was a personal trainer in three different cities (Vaasa, Seinajoki and Turku) here in Finland during 1975-1992. I had my own gym in Seinajoki in the beginning of the 1980s. After the year 1992 I have given fitness advice via mail, email and websites.

From the year 1995 I have trained with free weights, machines and cardio equipment at home. Why do I prefer home workout?

Save Your Time

You are not depended on gym’s opening hours. You have the freedom to workout whenever you want to. You save at least one hour per one workout in gym round trip.

Save Your Money

When you do workout at home, you do not need to pay for a gym membership fee. It is true, that some home fitness equipment can be expensive, but if you do not just now have money for them, you can start with a body weight training or buy a pair of Adjustable dumbbells.

It Is More Effective

You never have to wait for equipment to be available, there is no waiting in line at home. Your training becomes more effective with a greater intensity. You can focus much better than in a gym.

It Is More Enjoyable

You have a full privacy, without any people staring at you. There are no other people perspiring around you either. Gyms can be an incubator for germs, which are easily spread from surface-to-surface.

When you do a workout at home, you can listen to your favorite music and get more intensity and enjoy.


It is possible to do a workout effectively at home with own body weight, free weights (dumbbells, barbells), machines, kettle bells, resistance bands etc. If there is enough space for a cardio equipment, it is a good idea to buy an elliptical trainer, a spinning bike, treadmill or rowing machine. You can use them for a warm-up, cool-down and conditioning. They are good alternatives for outdoor activities, such as biking, jogging and skiing.

It is very important to learn to do all the exercises right and follow the professional advice. You will find it in this website links. Then all are safe and effective in your home workout.

If you have any questions, send them via email to arto.painilainen@gmail.com.

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